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Antivirusair LLC recommends the Melania diet when exposed to Covid

  1. Drink one slim fast every 8 hours . It is not necessary to drink whole slim fast. No other protein and definitely not any meats should be eaten.
  2. Those over 60 years of age at high risk may take PEPCID famotidine 80 mg three times a day. This promotes virus reaching the small intestines and promoting precise immune response.
  3. During COVID pandemic DO NOT TAKE PROTEIN PUMP INHIBITORS [Prilosec and Protonix ] that promote poor digestion of complex antigens in the small intestine. After pandemic they are OK for short periods.
  4. Eliminate all meats and complex proteins. Keep total protein intake down to 40 grams a day or less. Less protein is better.
  5. Zinc supplement . Zinc is not a complex protein.
    DEXAMETHASONE It is ok to take dexamethasone to treat COVID fatigue . Caution; dexamethasone can stimulate appetite but do not eat steak or consume other complex proteins. Use minimal dexamethasone as outpatient.

Covid and Flu Testing

The intestines of older patients on Prilosec are full of undigested complex antigens that stick between the sides of the spikes. When virus enters cell, it takes with it the other complex antigens stuck to it. Then the many type of complex antigens must be processed with the spike antigen. This complicates and delays precise antigen recognition.

Avoid all complex proteins during COVID infection. Thin women like MELANIA do not eat large steaks. MELANIA did much better than Donald who eats too many difficult to digest steaks.   Anorexia may have benefits for many infections https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4942670/  Eat like a “thin woman” [Melania Trump] during COVID illness. The goal of the COVID diet is to prevent complex protein antigens from reaching and coating the virus when enters the intestinal cell. Famotidine Pepcid 80 to 120 mg three to four times a day with COVID DIET. The Pepcid reduces stomach acid that kills the virus this allows MORE COVID virus to pass alive through the stomach and reach the small intestine. If Complex protein antigens are not present then the small intestine and immune system rapidly processes the virus. But proton pump inhibitors [Prilosec, Protonix] allow too many complex antigens CA [digested proteins] to reach the small intestine and contaminate the virus while it enters the small bowel.If the virus is clean when enters the small bowel, then the immune system can form antibodies rapidly develop antibody-based immunity.

If the virus is coated with large undigested antigenic proteins, then these CA complex protein antigens enter the intestinal cells with the virus. Complex proteins (meat) can be inadequately digested and may coat the virus with Complex Antigen CA at the time of viral entry into the intestinal cells. When complex proteins coat the Spike antigen of the virus at the time of intestinal cell entry, it may complicate and delay adequate precise antigen recognition in the immune system. In essence, the body must process the CA Complex Antigen with the Viral Spike proteins simultaneously. The result is that the immune system is slower less precise when the small intestine has  CA Complex Antigen.

The delayed immune response that is less specific will cause delayed nonspecific antibody response associated with a prolonged illness.  So avoid complex antigens in the small intestine. Young people have better digestion than old and would have less antigens. Thin women who “eat like a bird ” are at less COVID risk. Obese pot gutted older men are at high risk for poor digestion especially if on PPI Prilosec. It was found that Prilosec was associated with 2 times risk death.  Thin women almost never take Prilosec and most eat small amounts without protein binging. So  EAT LIKE A THIN WOMAN during COVID. Remember Melania  did better than Donald Trump because Melania “eats like a bird” with minimal protein and no big steaks during SARS-CoV-2 exposure.


Three stools after rectal inoculation. The C-reactive protein increased to 1.4 about twice the initial level, No thrombocytopenia, no neutropenia, no lymphocytopenia, with Mild cramps on the third day. The third loose stool is 2020-6-6  June 6  21 at 21.09.25 hrs. The Third stool was abnormal extremely loose with cramps. The third stool was accompanied by cramps and severe urgency, it felt like mild viral gastroenteritis. So far I feel fine today, I am on the sixth day now after inoculation with no fever during the entire process I feel fine. The stools collected have been frozen for later PCR analysis.   READ MORE

Small Pox

Introduction to Inoculation

COVID-19 is not the first time in human history that humans faced

economic disruption, death, and disease from a contagious epidemic.


(18) Needham J (2000). Science and Civilisation in China: Volume 6, Biology and Biological Technology, Part 6, Medicine. Cambridge University Press. p. 134. ISBN 978-0-521-63262-1. Retrieved 30 March 2020.
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The terms inoculation, vaccination, and immunization are often used synonymously to refer to artificial induction of immunity against various infectious diseases. However, there are some important historical and current differences. In English medicine, inoculation referred only to the practice of variolation (protection against smallpox) until the very early 1800s. Inoculation for smallpox appears to have started in China around the 1500s.[18][19] Europe adopted this practice from Asia in the first half of the 18th century.[20]

From A History of Immunology Authur M Silverstein…pages 315 to 324. Dr. Timoni introduced inoculation of smallpox to the Royal Society of London. in 1713- 1714. The Timoni inoculation technique was adopted from Turks and resulted in “mild” smallpox disease yet “none died”. The London Royal Society investigated further and printed a more detailed description of the inoculation process. However conservative London physicians were reluctant to apply the process. In July 1716 Dr. John Woodward said he would try to persuade Boston physicians to do inoculation in 1716 during the next epidemic. Dr. Zabdiel Boylston was persuaded to use inoculation during the smallpox epidemic of 1721 in Boston. Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, a wife of the British ambassador to Constantinople, had inoculation for smallpox done to her son by the British surgeon. In 1721 the King of England authorized inoculation on condemned British prisoners. The King after legal consultation agreed for ” the General Benefit of Mankind”. On August 9, 1721, three male and three female prisoners were inoculated, witnessed by 25 persons including multiple physicians. Six of the prisoners survived and were pardoned. Inoculation became the widely adopted practice for smallpox.

Inoculation for COVID-19

Inoculation for COVID-19 MUST OCCUR AT COVID

PAGE 3 ART COVID multifocal pneumoniaThe goal of COVID inoculation is to produce an immune defense to future infection without pulmonary damage, complications, or pulmonary clots. It is widely accepted that almost all deaths of COVID-19 come from respiratory complications. It is true that unless pneumocytes become infected the host will not die from COVID complications. The pneumocytes [air sacs of the lungs] are very fragile.

Once inflammation of pneumocytes occurs inflammation products from lungs in some cases can spread micro clots to brain [stroke] kidneys [kidney failure] liver [liver damage] and heart [cardiac damage]. The pneumocytes are a focus of infection because in COVID the pneumocytes contain Ace2 receptor which is required for entry of COVID into the cell for COVID reproduction. One COVID that reaches a pneumocyte can multiply after entering with ACE 2 receptor.

ACE-2 is the host cell receptor responsible for mediating infection by the coronavirus responsible for severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). Treatment with soluble ACE-2 or anti-ACE-2 antibodies disrupts the interaction between virus and receptor.

Live Virus Inoculation

Enema or Rectal Suppository

for Live Virus Inoculation  

When COVID GOES TO PNEUMOCYTE a toxic reproduction of antigen occurs. For days during pneumocyte infection no immune reaction occurs and no antibody protection occurs. The virus grows into the billions or trillions. However, when COVID goes into the rectum there are huge spaces where lymphatic GALT system can produce antibodies. There is lots of lymphatic space in the gut where immune defenses can operate and rapidly produce an antibody defense. A small inoculum of virus into gut can produce a response rapidly without delay.

The safety factor for GUT response to COVID is likely vary large. There are no known hemorrhagic diarrhea with COVID. No bloody diarrhea.  Few or none of the hundreds of thousands of people with COVID diarrhea require hospitalizations for GI effects. CONCLUSION ( GUT ie. Rectum colon is by far the safest place with ACE 2 receptors to apply COVID.

When COVID infects solely to pneumocyte accidentally often there is no immune response for days. With type 2 pneumocyte infection for first few days, it merely multiplies and floods alveoli with no fever no chills no cough. No signs of immune response at all. The infected person becomes an asymptomatic carrier who can spread the virus.

At first this might be hard to appreciate. However, very few submicron particles make it directly to the alveoli. Most submicron particles are caught in curves of bronchial airways. The lymph nodes in the lungs are near the hilum center of the chest. The lymph nodes are not in plural lining. This is because the curved branches of bronchial tree sweep trash towards the base of the bronchial tree the hilum. The lung hilum is where immune responses further develop. Hilar adenopathy [swelling of the hilar lymph nodes] is a sign of hilar immune response.

When COVID type 2 pneumocyte infection occurs, there is inadequate immune response even though the antigen ie. the virus is multiplying. Initially there is no bronchial response not even a cough until the virus multiplies so much it floods outs of the alveolus flooding the bronchial tree triggering a cough.

Immune responses in the intestine are initiated in gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT) and in gut regional lymph nodes. Whereas food and ingested antigens are present in the small bowel, microbial antigens represent a major immune challenge in the colon. Antigens at both gut locations are sampled by follicle-associated epithelium (FAE). Dendritic cells in the subepithelial area are key regulators of the fate of responding B cells. They express the enzyme retinaldehyde dehydrogenase that catalyzes the production of retinoic acid that subsequently imprints homing via the induction of a4b7 and C-C motif receptor 9 (CCR9). They also secrete immunoglobulin A (IgA)-inducing protein (IGIP) and APRIL (a proliferation-inducing ligand) that together with stromally derived transforming growth factor-b (TGFb) support IgA class switch recombination. Following clonal expansion, hypermutation and selection in the germinal centers of Peyer’s patches or regional lymph nodes, plasmablasts enter the blood, via the lymphatic system. Plasmablasts subsequently home back to the lamina propria where they differentiate into plasma cells. The chemokines C-C motif chemokine ligand 25 (CCL25) and CCL28 may contribute to the differential homing of plasmablasts primed in the small intestine or colon, though how and where the lymphocyte receptor of CCL28, CCR10, is induced is not known.

Stool Covid Is Well Tolerated Unless It Is Aerosolized and Inhaled

Hundreds of thousands of children have rectal stool live viruses. Doubtless stool COVID exists in hundreds of thousands of households without fecal to the inhaled transmission being known.  Theoretically fecal to lung transmission is possible if feces are put in nebulizer. A coroner may have inhaled COVID feces after using a power tool on COVID stool. The conclusion is that COVID in the stool is generally safe as long as it does not aerosolize with power tools. Stool containing COVID should be flushed down the septic system.   No COVID patient ever reportedly died from the COVID in their rectum perforating their colon. The live virus in the rectum and colon should not be inhaled to the pneumocytes. Any rectal COVID will go to the rectal lymph nodes where my immune system will learn the COVID antigen. The IgA response made by the gut can help protect the bronchial epithelium. COVID rectal inoculation uses small inoculation over a small area with live viruses. Smaller inoculation is better since less tissue is at risk of inflammation. A rectal inoculation is successful is the stool becomes PCR positive for COVID as the infected rectal mucosal reproduces the virus. The stool itself becomes PCR positive for COVID often for weeks at a time.  The rectum is very tough compared to the lungs. The rectum is so tough it can push out rock hard stools. But alveoli are torn up by infection.   A single case of COVID diarrhea likely has billions of live viruses. In theory, a single case of diarrhea can be used to infect hundreds or thousands of other colon and rectums using COVID rectal inoculation. A rectal inoculation is successful if it produces an antibody response. Fecal to fecal transmission can spread.

RISKS include the list below shows the main diseases that can be passed via the fecal-oral route. They are grouped by the type of pathogen involved in disease transmission.  By choosing a healthy stool donor and performing a check for CMV herpes and viral hepatitis and culturing the stool for bacteria and pathogens most fecal transplants are well tolerated. Stools can be kept for weeks with survival of most COVID for weeks if the temperature remains less than 40 degrees Fahrenheit. All COVID specimens should be double sealed in bags for safety. It is recommended that the Biohazard level 3 lab perform all specimen handling. However, in reality millions of infected COVID patients have splashed COVID stool into toilets not a biohazard lab.

FECAL TRANSMITTED PATHOGENS INCLUDE Bacteria[edit] Vibrio cholerae (cholera) rare Clostridium difficile (pseudomembranous enterocolitis) Check stool culture Shigella (shigellosis / bacillary dysentery)[4] Stool Culture Salmonella typhii (typhoid fever)[5] Stool Culture Vibrio parahaemolyticus[6] Stool Culture Escherichia coli[7] Stool Culture Campylobacter[8] Stool Culture Viruses[edit] Hepatitis A[9] Hepatitis panel Hepatitis E[10] Antigen test Enteroviruses Check for fever and diarrhea Norovirus acute gastroenteritis Poliovirus (poliomyelitis) check immunization status of donor Rotavirus[7] – Most of these pathogens cause gastroenteritis. CMV ……..Herpes titer Protozoans [Stool for ova and parasites] Entameba histolytica [7] (amoebiasis) Giardia (giardiasis [13]) Cryptosporidium (cryptosporidiosis) Toxoplasma gondii [8] (toxoplasmosis)

Helminths Tape worms Ascariasis and other soil transmitted helminthiasis

Page 4 References

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Illustration of factors that support plasma cells that can bind antigen through their B-cell receptor in the lamina propria niche. Stromal cell–derived interleukin (IL)-6 may bind to plasma cell IL-6 receptor and APRIL (a proliferation-inducing ligand) produced by epithelial cells, macrophages, or eosinophils may bind to BCMA on plasma cells to support plasma cell survival. C-X-C motif chemokine ligand 12 (CXCL12) may promote plasma cell retention and survival through binding C-X-C motif chemokine receptor 4 (CXCR4). Plasma cell frequencies in the intestine may also be regulated by T cells through the presentation of cognate antigen to local T-cell populations.

Evidence of Immune Reaction
After Rectal Inoculation

Figure 1

Rectum was infected
[evidence of immune response]
numerous infiltrating plasma
cells lymphocytes

“Rectum Showed No
Significant Damage”

From Covid Infection

https://www.gastrojournal.org/article/S0016-5085(20)30282-1/pdf   ONLINE APRIL 4, 2020

“Results From February 1 to 14, 2020, among all of the 73 hospitalized patients infected with SARS-CoV-2, 39 (53.42%), including 25 male and 14 female patients, tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 RNA in stool, as shown in Supplementary Table 1. The age of patients with positive results for SARS-CoV-2 RNA in stool ranged from 10 months to 78 years old. The duration time of positive stool results ranged from 1 to 12 days. Furthermore Q11 , 17 (23.29%) patients continued to have positive results in stool after showing negative results in respiratory samples. Gastrointestinal endoscopy was performed on a patient as described in the Supplementary Case Clinical Information. As shown in Figure 1, the mucous epithelium of esophagus, stomach, duodenum, and rectum showed no significant damage with H&E staining. Infiltrate of occasional lymphocytes was observed in esophageal squamous epithelium. In lamina propria of the stomach, duodenum, and rectum, numerous infiltrating plasma cells and lymphocytes with interstitial edema were seen. [proof of immune response] Importantly, viral host receptor ACE2 stained positive mainly in the cytoplasm of gastrointestinal epithelial cells (Figure 1). We observed that ACE2 is rarely expressed in esophageal epithelium but is abundantly distributed in the cilia of the glandular epithelia. Staining of viral nucleocapsid protein was visualized in the cytoplasm of gastric, duodenal, and rectum glandular epithelial cell, but not in esophageal epithelium. The positive staining of ACE2 and SARS-CoV-2 was also observed in gastrointestinal epithelium from other patients who tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 RNA in feces (data not shown).

Discussion In this article, we provide evidence for gastrointestinal infection of SARS-CoV-2 and its possible fecal-oral transmission route. Because viruses spread from infected to uninfected cells,6 viral-specific target cells or organs are determinants of viral transmission routes. Receptor-mediated viral entry into a host cell is the first step of viral infection. Our immunofluorescent data showed that ACE2 protein, which has been proven to be a cell receptor for SARS-CoV-2, is abundantly expressed in the glandular cells of gastric, duodenal, and rectal epithelia, supporting the entry of SARS-CoV-2 into the host cells.

Gut Lung Axis

1. Inhalation of few dozen COVID -19 reach type 2 pneumocyte with ACE 2 receptor

2. If IgA is present from inoculation a few dozen IgA can bind a few dozen COVID-19 and stop multiplication.

3. If IgA is not available early a few intial pneumocyte COVID-19 will multiply into billions of COVID-19

4. The billions of multiplied COVID-19 scattered lung areas on CHEST CT that grow exponentially from just a few to billions of COVID 19 in just a few days.

5. Once billions of COVID-19 are present massive immune reaction involving IgG and IgM create massive destruction involving thousands of clots elevated d dimer diffuse scattered foci of thrombosis from clots sent to lungs to kidneys heart and liver. The thousands of tiny clots correlate with clot production reflected in d-dimer.

COVID-19 Disease

IgA COVID globs never clogs up the colon . A mess of a billion IgA and billion COVID-19 in colon could form a glob that you could easily poop out. Diarrhea washes out billion of viral invaders many of which are stuck to IgA. The rectum and colon can handle massive infection of billions of COVID -19 without damage to gut lining. However ,the lungs do not have the capacity to handle massive billions of COVID-19 without serious damage . IgA developed in rectum can stimulate low level IgA pulmonary defense to handle the initial inhalation of hundreds of pneumocyte COVID-19 infections.


SARS-CoV-2 Rectal Inoculation

Secretory IgA protects both the lungs and the rectum. The COVID-19 infection destroys lung tissue . The best defense for lungs is to have a education on the virus occurring in the rectum where the antibody process can develop without serious injury. When the rectum develops an immune defense it can transfer that defense to lungs for protection. In COVID-19 rectal infection, the rectum is not devastated and the epithelial barrier stays intact while viral defenses are created . Then the immune protection developed in rectum can be used to protect the lungs.

The best time to stop COVID-19 lung infection is when only a few dozen COVID-19 are present. One IgA can not neutralize 6 Covid-19 pulmonary invaders. A billion COVID-19 would take many millions of immunoglobin to bind. IgA does not ordinarily promote clot or severe damage. Globs of billions of IgA IgG and IgM mixed with billions of lung COVID-19 make a big disaster lead to destruction of tissue . A few IgA can stop a few COVID-19 from being a big mess.

The lungs and GI tract are both epithelial surfaces which share information about invading pathogens. Although Covid 19 virus invades the rectum , the rectum is not seriously damaged . The immune system studies the invading rectal COVID-19 virus and creates immune cells with memory. These immune cells create lung protection. Cells near the rectum move to lungs and protect tissue there with IgA. Both lungs and gut need IgA. The learning of the antigen in rectal tissue allows a better defense in the lungs.

A glob of billions of COVID-19 can be defecated out as glob of stool . But a glob of billions of COVID-19 in lungs clog small airways and create clots to rest of body. The best place for body to develop immunity with COVID-19 is rectum where excess can be defecated . Rectal COVID educates your immune system . Pulmonary COVID destroys the body.

Image of Covid Multiplying on Intestine

COVID-19 Research: Dutch medical researchers from the Hubrecht Institute in Utrecht, Erasmus MC University Medical Center Rotterdam, and Maastricht University in the Netherlands have discovered that the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus which causes the deadly COVID-19, can infect cells of the intestine and multiply there.

Utilizing state-of-the-art cell culture models of the human intestine, the research team have successfully propagated the virus in vitro, and monitored the response of the cells to the virus, providing a new cell culture model for the study of COVID-19.


The research could explain the observation that approximately 38 per cent of COVID-19 patients experience gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhea, and also the fact that the virus often can be detected in stool samples. The results of this study were published in the scientific journal Science.

The Potential of pure VIRAL CULTURES makes possible pure COVID samples without bacteria viral or parasitic contaminants. When these pure COVID samples are available they might replace COVID spit or stool samples that could have contamination.

Illustration of a villus in the intestine with a zoom-in to an electron microscopy

image of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (dark circles) at the edge of an intestinal cell.

Credit: Kèvin Knoops, Raimond Ravelli & Maaike de Backer, copyright: Maastricht University

COVID-19 Warning

COVID-19 Warning: Disturbing news is emerging as research findings from a collaborative study involving medical, genomic and virology researchers from Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico-US, University Of Sheffield-UK, Duke University in North Carolina-US, Sheffield Teaching Hospital-UK and the NHS-Foundation-UK, show that the Spike elements of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus is mutating in a manner that indicates it is evolving to become stronger and more easily transmissible to humans. The Mutation of COVID might have been expected. The more cases of COVID the greater the opportunity for mutation. There are billions of cases of influenza virus with dozens of mutations. There are billions of flu cases every year and at least 60 flu mutations. Americans get flu shots every year but Americans still get the flu.  Although it is bad news for potential traditional COVID vaccine it means that rapid rectal inoculation is more likely the best fastest pathway. Complex vaccines that take a year to prepare may be unsuccessful by time they are used.  RECTAL COVID INOCULATION … Think Fast Simple Effective!

Chart sources: nature analysis based on who covid-19 vaccine landscape/mulken institute covid-19 treatment and vaccine tracker/t. Thanh le et al. Nature rev brug. Disc. Http://boi.org/ggrnbt (2020) /f. Amanat & f. Krammer immunity 52, 583-589 (2020) / w. Shang et al. Npj vaccines 5, 18 (2020)


Pure Sars-Cov-2 Available / Vaccines at
High Dose Toxic and May Not be Effective

The CDC has a pure culture available. The CDC can grow enough pure SARS-COV-2 to inoculate millions. This avoids the other pathogens that might be in a COVID sample acquired from the stool or spit. This makes possible is a pure COVID without any other pathogens or parasites.





Please read the side effects of RNA vaccine company attached below.  Compare effects of messenger RNA VIRAL INJECTION to colon COVID which rarely has complications except for loose stool or occasional diarrhea.  The therapeutic index of colon COVID inoculation is likely far more than the IM  RNA vaccine.  An RNA vaccine was tried in Phase 1 on 12 volunteers. Three of four given high dose RNA developed side effects requiring medical attention.  Eight people who got 25 to 100 mcg of Moderna seemed to do OK.  But one of four getting 100 MCG dose had local redness.  But once you get to 250 mcg on the second dose of RNA vaccine three subjects people had systemic GRADE 3 ADVERSE EVENTS.  Someone can have a billion  COVID in their colon and never require medical attention.  The goal of inoculation is to start a real not fake infection and develop real immunity.

Someone take 1000 times the normal inoculation dose and have few if any symptoms.  Millions of children and young adults with billions of colon COVID and never required hospitalization. If you gave adults 100 times the high dose of RNA vaccine it would be a dangerous 25000 mcg or 100 times the dose that was associated with Grade 3 side effects. Conclusion, The COVID inoculation of the COLON  has much fewer side effects than a high dose RNA vaccine.

Someone can have a billion live COVID  or 1000 times the inoculation dose without requiring hospitalization.  Some people have a stool with 100,000 viruses of COVID  per milliliter of stool and have no symptoms except loose stool.  So the COVID live virus in the colon is tolerated much better than the RNA vaccine injection of the arm.  RNA manufacturers do not claim its vaccine is safe in super high doses. The AMENDED phase two plan of RNA clinical trial eliminated a high dose for safety.  High dose COVID in the digestive tract is far better tolerated than high dose RNA injections.  RNA vaccines may still have an important role in the treatment of high-risk groups including elderly, healthcare workers, and nursing homes.  RNA vaccines are important research and may have many future applications.


The Phase 1 RNA vaccine announcement referred to the level of antibody IgG and IgM in the blood that are equal to level in mice.  It is clear that natural infections such as those that occur in colon COVID inoculation produce immunity. But elevated IgG and IgM are not proof of efficacy. IgA is stimulated by digestive COVID and IgA protects epithelium. People need epithelial IgA defense. IgA that binds to COVID virus in the alveoli is suspected as a mechanism to prevent alveolar infection. When mice inhale COVID, it activates the IgA system of mice which protects alveolus.  Inhalation produces a rise of IgA and IgG and IgM. The RNA virus phase one study only measured IgG and IgM not IgA.

RNA vaccine company mentions on mice inhalation model to support the efficacy of injection of RNA Vaccine.  The injection of RNA may or may not produce IgA of alveoli for the epithelial defense of alveoli. No one guarantees RNA to protect alveolus.  RNA company never measured IgA in the phase 1 trial. The RNA manufacturer does not claim proof of efficacy.  But we know that those who get real natural COVID infections on endoderm [respiratory tract and colon] get at least temporary immunity.  Billions of people have had infections of coronavirus in the colon for thousands of years without severe symptoms.  Inoculation with digestive COVID is very likely safe and effective under the right circumstances under a physician’s direction during research studies.  If millions of colons already have had COVID without complications, what damage is there if a few more colons receive COVID?