N O T   F O R   P U B L I C A T I O N


Three stools after rectal inoculation. The C-reactive protein increased to 1.4 about twice the initial level, No thrombocytopenia, no neutropenia, no lymphocytopenia, with Mild cramps on the third day. The third loose stool photo labeled (2020-6-6) was taken June 6, 2020 at 21.09.25 hrs. The Third stool was abnormal extremely loose with cramps. The third stool was accompanied by cramps and severe urgency, it felt like mild viral gastroenteritis. So far, I feel fine today, I am on the sixth day now after inoculation with no fever during the entire process I feel fine. The stools collected have been frozen for later PCR analysis.

I have benefited from the work of many ancient inoculators. Smallpox inoculators through trial and error developed successful techniques that helped millions for centuries. Those early inoculators had no charitable funding, no electricity, no internet. They had love and compassion which made it a necessity that they succeed, no doubt smallpox outbreaks caused many outbreaks with smallpox virus associated with 30 percent mortality.

Necessity is the mother of invention. Smallpox inoculation was properly replaced with better safer standardized vaccines. But practice makes perfect. Without clinical experience, there is no clinical progress. In recent years attenuated oral polio vaccine and oral inoculation for cholera continue the tradition of using the gut to develop immunity.

I have often said I should not do unto others what I would not do unto myself. Any action no matter how well-intended can have unintended consequences. If you risk your career, reputation, and resources …you may get burned. Competitors may take every opportunity to cut down the competition. I thank those individuals in state and federal government who encouraged me to move forward. I do not blame any official for not officially supporting me because they would be retaliated against by competitors within their organization.

There are no career protections for nonjudicial government officials who make decisions that have risk to their career. Government officials should have qualified immunity for making vaccine and inoculation decisions. That qualified immunity should be detailed and approved by lawful representatives of the people.

I wanted the website www.digestivecovid.com created for presenting COVID inoculation. I was at risk of community COVID infection and had great fear of inhaling COVID. COVID is here to stay and it was inevitable that I acquire it. My use of personal protective equipment was a constant reminder that I was under threat. It was like walking in the valley of the shadow of death. Usually I believe my day to die is destiny or fate. Deliberate infections create a great ethical dilemma.

This JAMA article may be only a brief introduction to issues involved. https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/fullarticle/2767024

Over 25,000 individuals have volunteered for clinical trials. But those who involve them in clinical trials have no special immunity. https://1daysooner.org/



Scientists have been using human challenge trials to test the effectiveness of vaccines for hundreds of years. Below you will find a brief timeline of challenge trials that were instrumental in the development of vaccines for deadly infectious diseases.

However, 1 Day sooner is dedicated to learning from the failures of the past as well as its successes. While we feel a responsibility to support challenge trials if they are likely to save lives today, we also have a responsibility to offer that support ethically. 1 Day sooner recognizes that these trials are bound up in a history of medical testing that has often denied patients—particularly ones who are poor, female, or people of color—the right to informed consent. Edward Jenner’s experiment on James Phipps in 1796 is listed here, but the bibliography below and the work we will continue in the future will strive to expand our own understanding of these under-explored histories and make sure they inform our advocacy. If you’re interested in learning more about the history of human challenge trials, a bibliography of their history can be found here.

I did not want to ask others to do what I could do myself. As for informed consent, I was more informed than any others on the subject. There can be fatal consequences on mice with MERS coronavirus inoculation of the stomach of mice. Furthermore, MERS gastric inoculation of mice caused an interstitial not alveolar pneumonia. No cases exist of death from gastric COVID that I am aware of but they might exist. MERS and COVID are both coronaviruses.

I was about to inoculate my stomach when I found the MERS coronavirus article for MICE fatal stomach inoculation. Because the basement membrane of the colon was thicker, I decided that it was safest to start with rectal enema rather than a capsule with increased risk nausea vomiting and gastric epithelial damage.

I knew that almost all COVID deaths are associated with alveolar pneumonia. As long as I did not get COVID alveolar pneumonia.

Sepsis and interstitial pneumonia occurred with MERS gastric inoculation, especially with acid blockers.  I do not think that COVID sepsis can cause alveolar pneumonia. But COVID sepsis can cause interstitial pneumonia. COVID alveolar pneumonia requires inhalation of micron particles less than 2.5 microns that can reach the alveolus.

I tried to get government support but all government officials should not risk their career to participate in risky human trials. I only went forward because I had no other alternative and the project needed to move forward. I have a wife and three children who I love, I tried to reduce all the risks, It is impossible to eliminate all risks.

I do not experiment on others. It is my body under my control for my benefit or whatever I need. I found a community infected donor who was very healthy. The donor was someone familiar with this website. He was 36 and I was 58 years old. The donor had been accidentally infected during travel with family on Memorial Day Weekend May 23 -25. The Donor had nausea vomiting May 27 and fever May 28.  May 29 the donor volunteered a 15 ml saliva specimen when he discovered he was infected. The donor 15 ml sputum was screened for COVID19 and had confirmed PCR for Sars-Cov-19 on June 1.  There is no perfect biological specimen but I wanted my donor to be healthier than I was. The donor had acquired COVID19 over Memorial Day weekend during travel with family.

The donor had fever May 29 the day before his May 30 sputum was collected. No respiratory symptoms but had fever nausea vomiting. But the donor was the healthiest person I knew of except for having COVID. The donor was sound of body and mind except for COVID: he had very healthy hair nails and skin and was at ideal body weight.

I had known him for years and knew he had a stable lifestyle with a low probability of infectious disease. The donor passed hepatitis screens and review of CBC CMP reviewed. PCR panel also showed negative Hemophilus influenza, negative influenza A and B, the donor was clear of viral hepatitis.

As a further precaution, I took acyclovir 800mg QID to reduce possible infection with herpes group [Herpes 1 herpes 2 CMV and Epstein Barr] replication. The donor was negative on Herpes igG. I would have preferred pure culture grown COVID virus from CDC but that was not available. So COVID sputum from the donor collected May 29 was refrigerated to extend viability. June 3 enema was made with 6 ounces water mixed with the May 29 collected PCR positive refrigerated sample.

Photo Labeled 2020-06-04 18.52.23

Photo Labeled 2020-06-06 14.26.18

Photo Labeled 2020-06-06 21.09.25

A second enema with 120 ml of sputum was also given on June 5. Because I initially had no symptoms, I was worried that I had not gotten an adequate rectal COVID infection. I had no real cramps until about 72 hours after first inoculation in June 6th beginning about 9 pm. On June 6th at 9 pm I developed a severe urge to defecate.

MY stool photo labeled (2020-6-4) at 18.52.23 hours was normal {about 24 hours after first inoculation}. But on photo labeled (2020-6-6) at 14.26.18 it was slightly looser. Finally, June 6th, 9 pm after about 3 days from first inoculation, the severe urge to defecate hit suddenly and I had to run to the toilet.

Clinically it was like one episode of a loose stool. The stool was suddenly much looser compatible with mild GI diarrhea Bristol scale 5.5.


Prior to rectal inoculation, I did an IgG that showed I was antibody negative. For the first 48 hours, I had no real symptoms. But the sudden loose stool and the mild cramps for an hour convince me that likely I was infected. On the fourth day I was back to normal. No bowel movement today. I saved the stool for when I can get a lab to PCR and study it further. I sent off an IgG. Usually, IgG rises between 7 to 10 days after symptoms. It needs to rise for confirmation. On the fifth day, I began to feel better than even before the inoculation. I did 8 Chin-ups and 8 dips at the gym. I had more energy than I usually do.



I would not hesitate to take rectal COVID inoculation again. I would prefer a colonoscopy with an evaluation of the rectal mucosa before inoculation. I could not get much formal assistance since assisting with any self-experimentation would threaten the license of those who participate. Inoculation might be done after colonoscopy while the patient is still under anesthesia or moderate sedation.

The sedation would also help reduce fear for inoculation.  But sedation by medical personnel might put their license at risk. Individuals in government and professions regulated by the government must protect themselves. My protection is that I remain anonymous.

No one else should do as I have done. The risk of GI inoculation includes other pathogens besides COVID. Taking bolus orally of live COVID has risk of overwhelming sepsis and death.  I will inform you if the IgG confirms immunity. I believe that the bowel prep for colonoscopy would wash off the mucus layer on the colon epithelium to facilitate infection of epithelial invasion. I also thing the gastroenterologist could biopsy the bowel before inoculation and perform a brush biopsy that would aid inoculation. Three days after inoculation the colonoscopy could be repeated and the rectal mucosa of the brush biopsy area biopsied again and studied

For phase 1 trials may of the first group of patients might get a colonoscopy for better pathology study as well as decreasing anxiety with moderate sedation medication.

Beware of groups offering self-inoculation. Those groups can be infiltrated by those who are reckless and want inoculation to fail. Infiltrators can penetrate groups and operate to destroy the program. Trust no man. This practice is not safe for anyone to duplicate. I was fortunate to screen for other viruses. There are pathogens that cannot even be detected by modern labs. The best viral donation would be one that had no other viruses. But the risk of viral contamination exists even with viral cultures from a lab. The CDC does have COVID live cultures but CDC has liability and cannot guarantee the safety or purity of its COVID sample. The CDC supply of live COVID was never developed for human use. Only experts in their field should study these processes. Those who learn have an ethical duty to share information. But by sharing information the system will come after them to punish them. COVID inoculation will likely remain a secret practice because the system will retaliate against those who practice the art. The real threat was not the COVID. Those who operate the system of control that will punish those who operate outside the lines of their control. Do not expose who I am or what I did. Look at Julian Assange he did the right thing and wound up in detention for years. Free Julian Assange.  Be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove.  I have never used my professional credentials or exposed my name on this website. This was done to protect who I am.  Jesus Christ and his apostles except for Judas spread the truth. They were killed except for the Beloved John. Know that Judas lives among you. The conflict between Truth and lies is an eternal one. I will die one day on my appointed day. But I will not die from COVID. Do not find out who I am. Do not ask me to assist or guide your GI inoculation of the colon. I have done enough if not too much merely by spreading Truth. Do not follow me or my actions. I am not your example. Jesus and his beloved John are your examples.