Digestive Covid Privacy Policy

A physician should be the first person to receive COVID inoculation. Contact this website as we have a physician available for this procedure. The second inoculation recipient should also be a physician.  Ideally, twelve physicians should be the initial inoculation recipients to demonstrate the safety of the process. Medical physicians are at risk of inhalation of COVID and can best evaluate their own risk-benefit ratio. The following should be excluded from receiving inoculation: (1) persons under 18 or less than the legal age of consent; (2) women who are pregnant or who may become pregnant; and (3) persons who are mentally incompetent or who suffer from mental illness. Informed consent of all subjects is required. All initial subjects should be screened for prior exposure to COVID using COVID antibody tests. Healthy physicians inoculated should obtain proof of inoculation using stool PCR tests daily for days 3 to 4 days, after inoculation and should repeat COVID antibody tests. Digestive Covid requires all local rules and practices to be followed including HHS documented institutional review board guidelines applicable to the country of residence.  Stool samples should be tested daily for COVID with PCR then double or triple sealed and frozen for a documented history of inoculation. Initial lab tests on the physician group should include complete blood cell count, complete chemistry panels, C–reactive protein, and urinalysis. These lab tests should be repeated during and after testing on physicians until stool COVID PCR elevates and then returns to normal.